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lordadonis needs a hero...

So Many Technical Questions...

There are so many technical questions, especially for Firefox/ Thunderbird, that this has almost turned into an unofficial Mozilla Helpline.

This is unfortunate, since the official help from Mozilla is really effective with a (highly) active community.

I really don't have any say whatsoever what quests people make, but what if this one provides a running list of funny things?

All humor is appreciated, so long as no one can take offense from what you say.

Whoever makes me laugh the hardest will be the Hero of the Moment.

Good Luck!

lordadonis is a hero!

a band name?

Adventurers Of The Unknown

Get more testers

Sound Check

lordadonis wants to be a hero...

GoogleMail + MozillaThunderbird

I had the same problem...

Moving to horse country, Shenandoah,VA

I hope you enjoy yourself!

Get more testers

Sound Check


Stick Man!

Shake this site down

Spread hope where it's clearly not needed

a band name?

Adventurers Of The Unknown

stop theives

Booby Traps

Firefox Tabs


enable java script

Under Options

Tab Logo


Problem with firefox

No Idea, but...



Embed Images in Thunderbird

Button on Compose

Home page.

Look Here

Thunderbird "Out of Office"

Check this out...


Check with sysadmin


More Info

Sending Email help

Check with your mail provider

2 e-mails


HTML newsletters

Try This

Stop IE browser

Try This

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