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sweetass needs a hero...

hard drive change

i have a emachine it came with a 80gb hard drive i'm wanting to put a 320gb hard drive in how do i go about doing this the easiest way possibly without losing everything thats on my hard drive? HELPPPP!!!!!

internet exployer cannot display error

when i check my emails if an email says to click on address below or something like that i always get the same message internet exployer cannot display have i got something set wrong or what?????

formatting old computer

i have been renting a laptop but just got a new computer how do i format everything off of the laptop before i let it go back to rental place? Its running windows vista.

major computer crash

my husband wiped out my computer(AND I MEAN WIPED IT OUT!!!) now when u start it all it will say is NTLDR missing press cntrl,alt,delete to restart, ive tried starting it with the xp disk,hirens program,etc. if u go into bios to set boot order it says that they are all disabled so even if u put a disk in it it doesnt acknowledge it....PLEASE tell me he didnt fry my new computer!!!
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