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I need a hero


I want to be a hero

Lots of people think of me as a good person but does it count if I believe everything I do, I do because I want to ...


Art Impaired, but Wants to Make a Comic Book

I have an idea for a superhero. The origin story is all set, the character's costume, name, everything. I'd like to make a comic book, but ...


Backing up bookmarks

I am using Firefox How do I make a backup of my bookmarks? I just got a new computer and I would like to transfer ...


I don't know what is the right thin to do after my Grandma's death

please can you help. I am a teen. My problem is Grandmother of whom I was very close to died a while back. I have ...


Get my hotmail to work

My hotmail account has stopped reciving emails I think mostly from new people, the messages disappear, are not returned to the sender.


SOS please

My name is Mary, Im Haitian. I lost all of my family in the earthquake in Haiti. Im alone now, Im poor. Im 22 years old ...



I can receive email on ThunderBird, but can't send. How do I fix it?


christmas for my 3 year old

my husband lost his job i am due any day and we can not afford anything for our daughter for christmas we have a couple dollar ...


Get more testers

We at AYMH need heroes to help us test the system, if you're up for it, register and start using it!


Can't receive my mails

I've just switched over from Outlook to Thunderbird and everything is working ok except that I can't send any e-mails anymore.

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