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I need a hero


ThunderBird : Alternative Address

When we send a mail to a contact , how can we choose his alternative adress easily??


I want to be a hero

Lots of people think of me as a good person but does it count if I believe everything I do, I do because I want to ...


Art Impaired, but Wants to Make a Comic Book

I have an idea for a superhero. The origin story is all set, the character's costume, name, everything. I'd like to make a comic book, but ...


Backing up bookmarks

I am using Firefox How do I make a backup of my bookmarks? I just got a new computer and I would like to transfer ...


I don't know what is the right thin to do after my Grandma's death

please can you help. I am a teen. My problem is Grandmother of whom I was very close to died a while back. I have ...


Get my hotmail to work

My hotmail account has stopped reciving emails I think mostly from new people, the messages disappear, are not returned to the sender.


SOS please

My name is Mary, Im Haitian. I lost all of my family in the earthquake in Haiti. Im alone now, Im poor. Im 22 years old ...



I can receive email on ThunderBird, but can't send. How do I fix it?


christmas for my 3 year old

my husband lost his job i am due any day and we can not afford anything for our daughter for christmas we have a couple dollar ...


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