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I need a hero

HL archery

I need help now!

I am obese and desperately want to lose weight.


Accounts in Thunderbird

I imported aan email setting from Outlook into Thunderbird in which I have other settings.


default email selection

I can't figure out how to have Firefox open my Outlook when I select "Read Mail".


VIRUS? slow TB and weird email fups

I have a feeling I might have been infected with a torjan horse or a rinbot.l virus.
even my motoq seems to misbehave.

I have avast antivirus and ...

I Believe I Can Fly

HELP!!!!! i only got a few G grades in my GCSE exams

I missed a lot of secondary school......................and as a result have only gained a few 'G' grades in my GCSEs.(apart from a C grade at English) ...


Finding myself...


I used to do really well in school and was a very clean cut and proper girl. I barely did anything when it came to drugs ...


Thunderbird setup

I'm sorry if i sound ignorant, but what is the outgoing server?

John T.

Get more testers

We at AYMH need heroes to help us test the system, if you're up for it, register and start using it!


I need help now!

I am obese and desperately want to lose weight.


Thunderbird search

When I used to write just the first initials like "ab", it would automatically find all the people with names starting with ab in my inbox ...

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