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Thunderbird setup by rw

I'm sorry if i sound ignorant, but what is the outgoing server?

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese help


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getting mail from online email addys

I am trying to set up Thunderbird to get mail from . I do not have a regular ISP. I have a laptop and acess internet from different locations. I have no idea how to get the info about incoming/outgoing (POP/SMTP), so can anyone help me to get this going? Thank you.

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I had trouble attaching multiple files to an email using aol. I just got this new HP laptop with Vista. I have a Verison wireless card. I took the whole setup back to Best Buy for help. A customer at the counter told me that I had to hook up Thunderbird, in order to attach more than one file to an email. Geek Squad helped me, but we are now stuck. I have the email with attachments staged to send. Aol is connected. I push send - and it goes up to 99% of the file before this message comes up that said that my smtp is not accepting the outgoing mail...any ideas...? I had long hair this I've torn it all out!!!!

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thunderbird to work with entourage (mac) via

how do i get this to work?

by avatarmb | Modified: 3/26/07 09:01:31 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

how to import mail from netscape (and close account0 and set up new thunderbird e-mail

This seems confusing - netscape mail be down again (which it has been for days, until a few minutes ago) - but I keep getting the message that it can't reach the server to import messages - also, how I do I set up new e-mail program with Thunderbird - doesn't it "assign" a new e-mail account address? From what I am reading, I contact my ISP to set up my email server info with Thunderbird? I thought my e-mail messages would be sent directly to my Thunderbird account. Is Thunderbird not a full-featured e- mail program?

by appleimacdude | Modified: 3/13/07 03:23:30 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

get mail from optusnet onto thunderbird

Unable to setup thunderbird to extract mail from optusnet. Is this possible and how can I do this. regards Galah.

by galah | Modified: 3/1/07 05:57:20 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal


Looks like you guys have this one covered Is there like a close out on Quests when they are complete ?

by I Believe I Can Fly | Modified: 9/1/06 10:14:37 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Setup Mail Servers for Thunderbird and Outlook/Express

Your mail is sent by a SMTP server and received by a POP3 server. You access the servers using your dial-up or broadband provider (DU/BBP). All DU/BBP have their own POP3 and SMTP servers. However, your e-mail account may be with a different provider to your DU/BBP. In most cases, a particular pop3 server doesn't mind which DU/BBP accesses it. However, SMTP servers will normally only permit access by their own DU/BBP. For example, consider Fred who has his preferred e-mail account at ukonline as; ukonline has mail servers of and However, Fred's internet access is via tiscali broadband, whose mail servers are and If Fred puts his pop3 server in Thunderbird (or Outlook Express etc) as, this will be fine since it won't mind being accessed via the tiscali broadband. However, if he puts his smtp server as, it will fail, since this server will (in general) only permit access from a ukonline DU/BB. Fred must therefore make his smtp server It may be possible to ask a particular smtp server provider to allow access from a different DU/BBP.

Thunderbird sometimes will ask for a password for a particular pop3 account but not for others - it's not clear why it does this.

by gwbm | Modified: 8/30/06 06:54:19 am | Comments (1) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Simple to fix

Please telephone your Internet Service Provider and ask them to tell you over the phone the addresses for ingoing and outgoing servers. Tell them you are trying to set up your email program.

Once you have written these down [exactly as they tell you] then you need to add an "account" to your email program.

The list of instructions will ask you to enter the incoming and outgoing addresses. Enter this and your username and password and you should then be ready to send and receive emails.

Hope this helps

by carolb | Modified: 8/2/06 02:53:58 am | Comments (1) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

RJakob, I found what you are looking for

I found TalkTalk's server settings:

Open up your favorite Email program, and go to Edit Accounnts menu.

Click ADD Account (or something to that nature)

In the Name field, enter your full name as your want recipients to see it.

Enter your e-mail address E.g.

For the Account ID, enter your full e-mail address for your e-mail account.

The Incoming Mail Server (POP) is

In the Outgoing SMTP Server type

Click OK to continue.

You're good to go!

by gcl915 | Modified: 6/26/06 10:59:15 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Incoming/outgoing server

This is a tricky one because each ISP has their own servers. For example, Verizon DSL has: Incoming: outgoing: That is pretty straight forward, however gmail has: incoming: outgoing: it has nothing to do with your own domain name (unless you have a package that gives you a domain name AND email addresses). What is Talk-Talk anyways? I never heard of it here in NY. Let me know its website and maybe i'll dig something up. Thanks!

by gcl915 | Modified: 6/26/06 10:53:02 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal
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