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Listing contacts in Thunderbird by vicki

Does anyone know if I can list my contacts anywhere visible (for instance, the left pane) of Thunderbird so I don't have to open my address book everytime? thanks, Vicki

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what do u mean by spanky (hero of the moment!)

is this when u are writing a new msg ??

Modified: 3/16/06 03:12:36 pm | Comments (0) | Promote this proposal | Report misuse

Uh ?

Some say you can some say you cant ? If its in the help file So be it

by I Believe I Can Fly | Modified: 9/1/06 10:22:30 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

listing contacts in thunderbird

click on write, click on view. click on contacts sidebar

by dugalex | Modified: 7/29/06 09:23:29 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Extension already available...

(I seem to have lost my mind. I'm sure I;ve posted this aleady.... Doh)

Anyway, try
- click on Tools|Extensions|Get More Extensions
Then when the page has loaded, click on contacts and scroll down a bit - to Contacts Sidebar 0.6....

This may be what you want. But maybe its not...
I'm not too sure of anything anymore.

by Homer | Modified: 3/22/06 05:53:31 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal


no i dont think you can but some programmer out there could probly make an addin for it not me tho sry

by spanky | Modified: 3/17/06 06:12:06 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Listing contacts in Thunderbird

spanky ... yes, I know when you open a new message window, they are listed but I mean in the email startup window, can you have them listed under your folders for instance and just double click on a contact to then open your email window with their name already in the "to" field? I'm just lazy and used to doing it this way with other apps. thx

by vicki | Modified: 3/16/06 05:46:09 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

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