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GoogleMail + MozillaThunderbird by Crimson_One

I'm havin' a lil trouble getting thunderbird to accsess my google mail account, i'm not sure I have all the settings correct, if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

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Get Firefox to use Gmail

Open firefox, go to Tools->options
Choose the applications tab
Scroll down to 'mailto' on the LHS.
On the RHS, click it and scroll down to Gmail.

Job done :-)

by Homer | Modified: 3/11/10 01:16:48 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Trouble forwarding E-mails in Thunderbird

I recently upgraded my computer and Thunderbird was installed on my computer. Everything works great except that when I forward an e-mail, the recipient gets a blank e-mail from me with only my signature. Can someone please help?

Thanks in advance!

by klacy1011 | Modified: 7/4/09 10:07:08 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Simple Thunderbird Question

Ok, so I'm probably just really dumb and I apologize but I just downloaded Thunderbird today because I thought it would be nice to have my e-mail on my desktop and not have to got to the website then click e-mail then log-in blah blah blah. I got it all setup and got ready to add my mom's e-mail on there as well and it took me forever to figure that out so maybe I did that wrong but is there a way to have like two different accounts? As soon as I added her address all her e-mails just jumbled with mine and that's not at all what I want. I'm not sure I did this right either I'm braindead now sorry.

by Rachel717 | Modified: 4/2/08 05:30:09 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

I think you can only have one outgoing server

which might explain it or at least it put me off because i have another account to run on my own domain as well as a gmail account.

by silkyd | Modified: 12/15/06 02:05:10 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Why ?

Ask the makers of these products why they launch them and get us to beta test them mmmmm sounds familiar ? Microsoft anyone ?

by I Believe I Can Fly | Modified: 9/1/06 10:21:06 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

lordadonis has it right

lordadonis has the right steps but u have to do homers to or else it may not work

by spanky | Modified: 3/17/06 06:16:57 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

GMail has a page about it

Pretty pictures and everything!

by morphex | Modified: 1/20/06 06:07:16 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

I had the same problem...

It took me a while, but I figured out what my problem was.

First of all, make sure the server is
Username is [insertyournamehere]
Server port is default 995
You need a SSL connection with the server here.

The outgoing server is
Username is same as above.
The outgoing port is default at 25, but to work with Gmail, it needs to be changed to 587.
Also, for the outgoing server, the security is a TLS connection.

I hope this helps. If not, let me know, because I regularly use Thunderbird with my Gmail account.

by lordadonis | Modified: 1/19/06 10:14:44 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Did you set it up as a ssl connect?

Where you added the account in Thunderbird, see what the server settings are.

You have to enable the ssl protocol.

I had to go back and do that - Doh!
Then I went back to Mo's to drink more beer.

by Homer | Modified: 1/16/06 05:44:11 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Look in the settings in Gmail...

I think you probably have the right settings in Thunderbird.

Its probably gmail you haven't configured correctly. Gmail is really quite clever, so its an easy fix - if you log onto the site then you go to the settings, you have the option to either _forward_ you gmail to another email address OR to switch on the POP download feature.

Remember to click on 'save changes'.

Mmmmm gmail... good...

by Homer | Modified: 1/16/06 05:13:52 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

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