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I am a hero

Shake this site down by yourhero

I'd like to bring in piles of new visitors, questors and heroes to shake down the newly re-launched hero site....

You're here, so you're already part of the solution... any other ideas?

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A tracker and weblog by morphex (hero of the moment!)

I think we could use an issue tracker for organized site feedback, as well as a weblog which covers recent developments..

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Need to prune the sections!

I'm not saying that technical difficulties are not as important as emotional, but there should be separated sections for both.
I'm interested in helping people find the strength they desire, and not in helping someone fix their web browser. There should be something I can do to ensure that the latter doesn't even appear when I am searching for quests.

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Make it easier to browse

Make it easier to browse quests by type or at least have more show up than one when you click on browse. Also, more and cooler clicky things for our personal websites would promote more people to spread the word.

by Sanya_Truesword | Modified: 6/13/07 02:19:17 pm | Comments (12) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal


They'll love it!

Also I reckon if you dug out a couple of the coolest heroes and the most touching problems (my dog was sick and now its healed...) and sent some press wires around the media would pick them up,
its a great site but its getting bogged down with dull stuff about emails not working - to be honest thats why i got on here via google - but it would be good to have more focus on real-world stuff at least at the front end of the site, if you want it to get more mass appeal.

and we always have to say as well 'myspace'

by silkyd | Modified: 12/15/06 02:18:16 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Agggghh !

No dont turn it into yahoo messenger with Avatars ! !

by I Believe I Can Fly | Modified: 9/1/06 10:13:24 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal


Yeah, that'd be so awesome to have commercials for this site.

by jabagawee | Modified: 5/25/06 06:18:43 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

Create automatic matches

As mentioned in another place, create an automatic email alert when one of your quest found a hero to answer it.

I love the site the way it is. Very French in the good sense of sobriety, it looks good. I'M still learning how to move around in it. Liek I wish we could leave a note for Homer, or Steve directly without having to comment on a comment...And I would love to be a hero for someone but I just haven't found anyone I can offer expert advice to yet, I'm not at all techie like some of you. I don't even know what avatar is (build guerilla type on this site, like wikipedia???).

Putting banners and mascots and "popularize" it would cheapen this site. It looks good and it's a great site.

I learned it from this Thunderbird guy who answer (sometimes, poor him he's swamped with questions!) help questions and when he mentioned are you my hero? I thought he was being sarcastic. You guys have become the real TB help. Bravo!

See it all started like that, on a small scale, word of mouth. That one single advice from the official TB help led me to send your link to many of my friends. You don't have to publicise, it will soon be very busy but I kind of like it homey like that. It a small .com village in the whole wide w.

Anyway, who is behind this site? Would love to know. I signed up here with SarahJob as you know but soon my site will be up and running, namely for a video podcast called the Schwartz Report. I'll let you know from my other username Ko when it's up and running on Itunes.

Please don't change the look of this site too much. I love beta looks. Very smart, like old fashioned and futurist at the same time.


by sarahjob | Modified: 5/23/06 07:12:38 am | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal


Granting users the ability to 'personalize' their 'lookups' would help, as well as avatar-uploading. Also, as has been mentioned, post-editing would be excellent: maybe adding forums to the site and a bit more content?

Perhaps emoticons?

Or adding a mascot? *grin*

by air-lobster | Modified: 4/17/06 02:06:04 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal


Perhaps someone could make more banners and linkables for this site? If they were niftier, I'd bet more folks would want to display them.

Another feature that would make this site a bit more would be letting us have 'avatars'...

by air-lobster | Modified: 4/17/06 01:11:10 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

go to othe website

go to other web sites and post a blog about it not here

by spanky | Modified: 3/16/06 03:15:57 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal

intrigue people, but don't scare them off by overdoing it

put a link to the site (or, where possible, your hero badge) into your sig (the footer attached to your posts/comments/messages/etc.) at every other site you use (bulletin board, forum, blog, ...), on your homepage. but be subtle about it. do *not* register an account on a site you don't normally use just so you can spam people with an advertisement. they will know and will be more annoyed than intrigued. when you need a hero, look through your address book for people who might be able to help, and send them a link to your problem description at this site. add a link to this site to your account or that at any other collaborative bookmarking/link filtering site. add it to go outside and do people favours in real life. when they ask how they can reciprocate, tell them to sign up here. a friend of mine writes "web tips" for the web site of a national radio station. i'll ask her to link to some time this week. it doesn't just go on the site, it's also mentioned to tens of thousands of listeners during the morning show.

by nex | Modified: 3/13/06 06:45:15 pm | Comments (0) | Report misuse | Promote this proposal
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