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I am a hero

need 150.00 to keep electric on,was due yesterday by ilovethelord

i have had a hard time,im a single mom,been working the same job for 11 months,recently they began cutting my hours,and last week i got a total of 9 hours,the more i express that i have bills,shutoff notices etc,the more she cuts my hours. i have begged,so they reduced them even more,and i got real behind,and my son was sick,had to buy him meds,and same week my elec got shutofff. i finally got it back on,and now they say pay 150.00 or be shutoff again,some of that is a deposit they said,but i have pleaded to the lady who does the schuduling at my job,showed her the shutoffs and she gave me 9 hours again. my luittle boy needs electric,and i need a new job,my avauilibiluity is so open that she knows that they have me whenever they want,and no job will work around these 2 and 3 hour days they are giving me. it cost me last week to work,i didnt make a dime but was in neg,after chuildcare and gas it cost me. that woman hates me....i truly need help,also with food,have paypal too.

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