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I am a hero

House fire took everything in desperate need of help! by Ashley14215

Hi there my I lost everything in a fire eight days ago need to start over from scratch I don't have anything any donations will be greatly appreciated and anything donated will be refunded or redonated. I've been in the phone nonstop trying to get help from government churches etc I'm at a huge loss don't know what to do haven't eaten In four days.... You can reach me at 9704855729 email Anyone want to donate to someone really in need please contact me can pick up western union money gram, won't be able to get donation money from donation sites till I figure out how to get a bank account I don't have all the documents they want to open a new account.... This is real u can speak to my caseworker at the Red Cross. I'm in Arizona it's hot need to get electricity on, deposit was due on the 29th we are struggling to keep the place the Red Cross got us and its completely empty don't have anything.....

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