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I am a hero


I need help. Not only financially but emotionally, and I'm leaving it up to the universe to find me a person who can save me from my current situation.

I was recently diagnosed with cancer.. and my girlfriend who has serious mental-health problems couldn't handle it. She left me in a rather awful way.. and now I'm in a place where I don't even know if I should bother with getting help with the cancer.

I love her more than anything, and without her, crazy and all, I can't go on.

I recently lost my job and moved back home.

I want to try, for my parents, but I honestly can't anymore.

I need to win her back before it's too late, for me and us.

I know this is depressing as hell, and there's probably no person that will want to be involved.. I'm just hoping that there is some warm-hearted and maybe a little eccentric individual out there with money to spare and time to kill, who wants to help someone, hopefully me, on my mission to prove my love to her.

I don't want help with hospital bills, I just want someone who can help me arrange a way to show her how much she means to someone, even if they won't be around forever.

I can't afford the ring I found. I can't afford the land I promised to build her a house on. I can't afford to make the gesture I need to.

I can't die without seeing her smile again.

Please help.

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