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1.  Homer (875)
2.  lordadonis (340)
3.  spanky (124)
4.  M. Northstar (116)
5.  PlayDead (108)
6.  sanju (108)
7.  jambo (108)
8.  morphex (107)
9.  Sharons7th (104)
10.  Gavin Coles (102)

Are you my hero is a place where you can get help, or give someone in need of assistance help. Be it a simple thing as helping someone choose a name for their dog, or help a person find their relatives after a natural disaster.

It's basically a karma system, where those who help others, will be the ones likely to receive help when they should need it.

It's not that serious either - and that's a good thing...

Sometimes what you need is a good laugh to get your mind of whatever is the problem, so you can see how to help yourself. Everyone can be Superman (or Superwoman) if they want to.

It's not all about the glory - it's also the good feeling you'll have for having helped someone.

And remember kids, all heroes have cool gadgets. Our favourite is Firefox. A web surfers best friend.

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